Foodpoisoning scandal in Germany.

Approximately 4.700 pigherds and farmers are to be taken under a wide scaled investigation as a result of discovering
Dioxin in their food production.
How is it possible, that such scandals occur, when we live in a world where the technology to prevent such incidents
already exist?

Tabree Denmark has invented and developed the technology making it possible to trace the meet, from birth of the
animal, out through the breeding, slaughter and butchering, till the end consumer. Making it possible to point out the
exact source, from where the problem occurred. This means that an incident, as the one occurring in Germany at the
moment, would have been minimized significantly and had reduced time consumption, costs and losses with a highly
significant amount.

The incident in Germany concerns toxic Dioxin-bearing oils mixed in the food intended for and fed to pigs.

The food scandal is by far not the first one happening.
Several times we have observed the press covering stories regarding, poisoned animal-food, the findings of unhealthy
or even damaging substances in our meet. We have heard stories arising from re-labelling outdated meat, excessive
medication of animals and transports harming the animals.

For how long is the European population to put up with the fact that the products that they are buying do not meet
the requirements, standards and laws, formulated by our governments, stores and growers?

Is It acceptable for the farmers, agriculturalist and the supermarket chains to lose the confidence and trust gained by
the consumer, and there by losing a staggering amount of earnings, just because of one fraudulent link?

Is It acceptable, that such repeating scandals and incidents costs our society billions of Euros, by discarding perfectly
fine food and refrigerated gods, because of the missing possibility of tracing the products back to the Grover or his

At Tabree Denmark we mean to stop the above mentioned scandals now and forever. We have already developed
all the means necessary, to prevent the magnitude, costs and losses resulting from the lag of being able to trace
the meet back to its origin. We are able to implement the solutions necessary right away without oppressing the
economics of either Consumer, Grower, Public Authorities nor sales markets and Butchers.

We have all the solutions in a new developed tracing-technology, making it possible to follow the meet from its origin
to the end consumer. We are therefore very interested in cooperating with authorities and organizations having
interests in salving this problems as soon as possible.

For further information please contact:

Jesper Kristoffer Larsen

Tabree Denmark